Culture and traditions in Vietnam

Everyone knows that before you can visit any foreign country that you should know as much about the country as possible. This is because of the different cultures and traditions that you need to know about. This isn’t different when you are considering going to Vietnam.  There are also a couple of culture and traditions that you should know about before you can travel to this country. These are some interesting and important cultural and traditions in Vietnam that you should know about.

The first month after the baby is born

They have strange rules after the birth of a baby. It is expected that the mother of the new baby should stay at home for the first month. There are even some rules that are saying that the mother isn’t allowed to shower during this time.

When the baby reaches the age of one month, they have a huge celebration. Then, the mother and baby are getting money and she can go out with the baby from thereon.

Boiled full chicken on special occasions

It doesn’t matter what party or celebration they have, you will find a full chicken boiled on the table. From head to toe. The only thing that was removed was the feathers. They are preparing it in a special way, and it is tasting delicious.

If you want to make sure that you are popular among locals, you should prepare a full boiled chicken and make sure that it is tasting similar to their chicken. They will know that you are respecting their culture.

The asking of personal questions

You don’t ask any personal questions to the locals. Never. They think that this is rude and that it has nothing to do with you. Asking if they are married, or how many children they have is rude and something that you should avoid at all costs.

And, then we don’t even talk about, money talks. Asking where they are working and how much they are making each month. These are just questions that you don’t talk about.

Elderly should get food first

When you are eating at a local’s house, there is one rule that you should remember. You should wait for older people to get their food first. Even, if you are the guest.  This isn’t something that they do in Vietnam. For them, it is the oldest first. In many other countries, they are letting the children eat first. This is so that the parents can enjoy their meals and have a great conversation with other adults.

Vietnam has some strange cultures and traditions. However, you should still make sure that you are going to know these cultures and traditions.  This is the only way that you can make sure that you are respecting the locals and making sure that you don’t make any serious mistakes.

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